Elected Co-Chair of USGBC Monterey Bay

At it’s November 18th meeting the Steering Committee of USGBC-MBB elected Daniel Silvernail A.I.A. as Co-Chair for the 2010-2012 term by unanimous consent. Daniel succeeds Stewart Wadsworth who served the 2007-2009 term. He brings to USGBC-MBB strong ties to the local architectural community through his association with the American Institute of Architect Monterey Chapter (AIAMB) and especially the Architect’s Association of Santa Cruz County (AASCC), having served variously as it’s President and Vice-President over the period 1994-2003.

His professional affiliations include the Natural Building Network (NBN), Builders Without Borders (BWB), the Project for Public Spaces (PPS), Urban Ecology Association (UEA), and especially the California Straw Building Association CASBA on whose advisory board he has served continuously since 2004. Aside from having designed several local straw buildings he is a passionate advocate of straw-building, lecturing on the merits of the technology. His most recent presentation was at USGBC-MBB’s monthly meeting of October 7th, 2009.

Daniels’ goals for the Branch during his term include continued growth in both membership and in opportunities for educational outreach, enhancement of corporate sponsorship as part of sound fiscal management, and continued strong leadership in local advocacy. As personal goals he has set out to continue Stewart Wadsworth’s efforts in fostering ties between USGBC-MBB and it’s parent USGBC-NCC and, through his established connections in that community, establish new links between the regional architectural community and USGBC’s local efforts.

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