Our Lives are what our Thoughts have Made Them…

I’m spending a few minutes this morning reaffirming for myself the goals I set out for USGBC-NCC-MBB when I took office as co-Chair:

  • continued growth in local membership.
  • continued growth in opportunities for educational outreach.
  • enhancement of corporate sponsorship as part of sound fiscal management.
  • continued strong leadership in local advocacy.
  • fostering stronger and better ties between the Monterey Branch and the NorCal Chapter.
  • establishing new links between the regional architectural community and USGBC-NCC-MBB.

It’s been challenging to find a few minutes to stay on top of this agenda, let alone look back and give self-evaluation. But taking just this moment to reflect and do a look-back on those affirmations, it’s gratifying and almost magical to realize that I’m succeeding in implementing those goals, they arise almost subconsciously into my daily reality. And slowly they are beginning to take form.

One small example: a few hours effort to organize the year’s program of Presentations, and that program is solid and tangible and within a matter of weeks dozens of the like-minded are now organized to the common purpose. Chapter membership opportunities have gain ground, educational outreach and, yes, inspirational opportunities have emerged, just from that one small effort.

I do feel I am spread a bit thin on the ground, that perhaps I’ve set out too many goals even for myself. For example I’ve hardly begun to crack that hard nut of fostering links between MMB and AIA, those two cultures are so entrenched in their own protocols and realities.

But sitting down for these twenty minutes is the most affirming thing I’ve done in quite awhile, for I can see some small good has come from my work, even in this short span of time. That’s encouraging.

I imagined those goals, and they are beginning to manifest into tangible reality. Our lives, and to some extent those of others, truly are what our thoughts have made them.

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