About Dueck Residence

Dueck Residence (Santa Cruz County, CA, 2004-2006) was designed in collaboration with the owners as a dialogue between our own era and International Modernism as was extant in California during the 1960’s.

Our exploration began from the geometry of the existing site, structure of the existing house on it, and our research into the regulatory process. From there, our understanding of the pre-existing conditions together with the inspired resolution to explore the dramatic possibilities inherent within the International Modernism tradition resulted in a home whose importance has not yet been fully elucidated.

Antecedents to Dueck Residence within the architectural tradition include the works of Craig Ellwood, Joseph Eichler, and Richard Neutra.

Precedents within our own practice include the SCMTD Intermodal Transit Facility (1995), Linda Vista House and the Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital.

Dueck Residence in turn has inspired our further explorations within the genre including Sun+Sky House (2011) and Sweet Residence (2012).7163 Viewpoint

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