Buckminster Fuller: Roam Home to a Dome

The inventor and architect R. Buckminster Fuller was the subject of a recent NPR (National Public Radio) article. That interview centered upon one of his very first projects, a restaurant in Woods Hole, Mass. bucky's+woods+hole+dome

As a biology student in 1975 or so I recall (even before I was remotely associated with architecture) my art professor at that time extolling the incredible designs and the brilliance of R. Buckminster Fuller. To me, he (Fuller) became “Bucky”.

My professor at Cal State Northridge had a penchant for exposing his art students (even those majoring in environmental biology!) to the leading thinkers in creativity and the design of things, be they buildings, industrial products, or whatever. And to him “Bucky” topped the list.

That professor exposed us as young art students to the concepts Bucky espoused, concepts including the economy of means, the results that raw creativity can induce, the power of channeling personal creativity into something called “design process”. That exposure, early on, held me in good stead years later when I went on to graduate school and entered into formal instruction regarding those very concepts in the context of architectural design. That was ten years later, after 1985.

Today, now in 2013 interestingly while listening to the NPR article I could not help but analyze the shortcomings of the building at Woods Hole, Mass. and begin to imagine ways to rectify the problems identified within the article. They seem to be identified as water intrusion issues at the frame joints and excessive solar heat gain.

That same instinct to resolve those reported problems, of course, is a natural consequence of having become an architect. Architects are trained to solve (or re-solve) problems: it is in our nature to do so.

Resolving the issues within the building, of course is quite interesting to me.

Just as interesting, metaphysically to me at least, has been to explore the internal loop which led me from the creation of art, to Bucky Fuller, to architecture, to blogging in the context of professional practice, and back to Bucky again.

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