Considerations when Deciding your Home Addition

Room-Addition-Conservatory-SunroomWe all want to add more space to our home, yet it is a luxury and can be a particularly expensive one. Many of us dream of the day when we can expand our homes, add an extension or convert an attic. It takes no effort to imagine how life could be less chaotic and better organized if only we had a bigger living space, room for a home office, an extra bathroom or a guest bedroom.

For most people extra living space has traditionally been acquired by moving house, but if you are happy with where you live, the upheaval and expense of moving can be deeply unappealing. The increasingly popular option is to make the most of the space you already have by extending or adapting it to suit your needs.

And you can do it in two simple steps:

Your First Step: Identify Your Reasons For Adding More Space
Perhaps you have just moved to a place with potential for expansion or alterations to suit the way you live or you may have lived in the same place for a while and need to make changes because of new circumstances. Whatever the reason, ask yourself some basic questions before getting started on any building project. Are you honestly happy with the property and its location? Is it convenient for work, transportation, family and friends?

If you are unsure, take a look at other home for sale in the area. For instance, if you happen to live in Redwood City, have an agent show you a couple of different homes for sale to get an idea of what people have done.

Even if you’re certain that an extension or conversion is your best option, it is still well worthwhile taking a look around a few similarly improved homes for sale. You can borrow ideas and gauge whether you like what other people have achieve in similar properties.

If you are happy with your present home, be sure that its is worth spending a large sum on improvements. Will this add value to the property and enhance your enjoyment of the place and, the most important of all … will it improve your quality of life?

Your Second Step: Decide Where to Add your Extra Space
The next step is to decide where you would like to add your extra space. A garden-level extension offers a highly flexible area if you need to expand your living space – ideal for making room for a home office, extending the kitchen or adding a tranquil space that overlooks the garden. A second-story extension opens up the opportunities for an extra bathroom, bedroom, study or guest room, while an attic conversion proves ideal for a whole range of uses from a new family living room or quiet office to a playroom or teenage hideaway.

The project doesn’t have to be huge to make a big difference — the balcony outside a bedroom can transform the interior space, even if it provides only just enough room for a chair to sit on and enjoy the sun.

Equally, by covering over the side passageway of a terrace house, you suddenly have the opportunity to completely revise and re-plan the ground floor living space.

Every home has pockets of underused or completely unused space. The key is to know the reason why you want more space and to develop an ideal location that gives you the most for your efforts… and money.

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