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Building Responses to Floods

With floods washing into low-lying areas throughout the U.S in recent years, there is a lot of discussion about way to prevent and manage floods. Given the fact that excessive flooding is not going to go away, let’s investigate five different ways to make a house more flood proof. As climatic conditions become more extreme, more houses will be at risk of flooding and these techniques will become increasingly important. Continue reading

Resilient Building Design

In recent years, with the impacts of Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and now Harvey, resiliency has become a “buzz” word. Resiliency branches off from the “sustainability/green” movement and aligns with many aspects in the newest thought process with “regenerative” and living buildings. As we deal with issues of extreme weather and changes to our climate many are realizing that a key survival is to design new buildings and landscapes with resiliency in mind. But what is resiliency and how can we incorporate it into our designs? Continue reading